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Wye School Prospectus
Welcome from the Principal
September 2013 saw the realisation of a vision for the parents and
residents of the Wye area who had worked tirelessly to establish a
school which was rare in the county: a fully inclusive environment,
which would provide a high quality education to meet the needs of
all local students. Our first year’s intake have enjoyed a unique three
day induction this term, designed to create a secure family and a
challenging environment where children are not afraid to take risks
and are encouraged to make their voices heard.
Our unstinting belief in the highest expectations for all learners was at
the forefront of our minds as we appointed staff who shared our vision
of a positive and nurturing school and an innovative approach to all
aspects of education. This was instrumental in the decision to become
part of United Learning, an organisation led by educationalists with a
relentless desire to realise the best in everyone, through a culture of
transparency, sharing of best practice, and networking to support staff
at all levels. The Group is unique in establishing close partnerships
between state and independent schools and this has led to Wye
School’s relationship with Ashford School, which includes teachers
delivering lessons in both schools.
Wye School will always be an intimate school, with an annual cohort
of 90 students, who will grow with the school and this allows us to
develop close relationships not just with the students, but also their
families, who regularly volunteer their time and support to enhance
our curriculum.
Our status as a free school allows us to make decisions which are
rooted in our context and community, decisions which are centred
around achieving the best outcomes for our students. We offer a broad
curriculum, with extended hours and a unique approach to learning
which is premised on lighting fires and not filling pails. There is much
about us that is different, from our approach to homework and high
standards of behaviour, to our enquiry-based approach to learning,
which offers our students choices about the way they learn.
We hope you share our vision about what education can be like.
Jan Naylor
Education is not the filling of the
pail, but the lighting of a fire.
W.B. Yeats
Wye School feels unique and
very special.
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