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At Wye School, we follow the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3. We teach our pupils to be confident and competent in the core skills of source analysis, understanding causation, significance, chronology, change and continuity, diversity and interpretation. Students are also taught how to successfully structure an argument in extended writing pieces. This aids their progression to GCSE by creating strong foundations in exploring enquiries through source analysis skills, such as bias, context, authorship and interpretation. We begin Year 7 studying and developing key historical skills before following a more traditional curriculum through Key Stage 3. Residential and day trips are also used to increase the relevance of learning about events in history and to promote engagement. We assess our pupils regularly with formal assessments at the end of each of our six terms. We give each pupil a National Curriculum target to work towards by the end of the year. We use a variety of approaches such as group work, pair work and independent study and research opportunities. The use of ICT is also promoted both in and out of school to develop historical knowledge. To enrich the learning of our most able students, we provide opportunities for them to tackle GCSE Level work and believe that there should be no age restriction on what is learnt, for example, giving higher level questions and essay work to our most gifted students. Independent research opportunities enable gifted students to develop a deeper understanding of historical issues and concepts and provide opportunities for them to lead other students on certain topics. For our lower ability pupils, there is an emphasis on confidence building skills and enjoyment. Great use is made of visual and kinaesthetic approaches to teaching and learning to create an environment where all can access the curriculum. In preparation for GCSEs, students will get an increased opportunity to develop extended writing as they progress at school.

Year 7

Currently, year 7 begins with a study of key source skills, focusing a broad range of historical topics. We follow this with a more traditional curriculum comprising the Battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion, The Black Death, The Peasants Revolt and the Murder of Thomas Becket. Re-enactment and project work is a big feature of the year 7 curriculum.

Year 8

The year 8 curriculum builds on skills learnt in year 7 by continuing to develop skills in source analysis and essay writing techniques.  Students will be able to analyse sources and explain their views on particular people, issues and events.  They will be able to compare the experiences of different groups of people in the same period and different periods.  The course of study provides an overview of different historical periods and enables students to make an informed choice about their future in history. Topics covered include how the British Empire shaped the world we live in, focusing on the Triangular Slave Trade and leading on to the Civil Rights Movement in America. The year finishes with a look at 100 years of war in the 20th Century, specializing in the events of World War II.

Year 9

The Year 9 curriculum is focused upon the 20th century, but develops a far broader, international focus. They begin the year evaluating how World War Two was won by the allies and study topics including the Holocaust, Russian Revolution and the Cold War. They also get a more intimate local study, centring on the Second World War and its impact upon the local community.

For more information about the History curriculum, please contact Chris Wickington or Melanie Hodgins - chris.wickington@wyeschool.org.uk melanie.hodgins@wyeschool.org.uk

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